Do you love vegetables but have no time to go to a farmers market?


Tired of all of the restrictions and rules in other co-ops?  

Curious what fruits and veggies you can and cannot feed your animals?

Then ruffage! is for you!  We are Houston's ONLY co-op for both people AND pets!

SUPER EASY......Place your order using the pay pal link by Wednesdays before midnight, pick up in our store on Saturdays before 3.  

$30 gets you 6 varieties of fruits and 6 types of veggies - each in a quantity that can feed 2-4 people (it's a LOT of produce!)....everything will be labeled as pet-friendly or pet toxic with our weekly newsletter outlining serving ideas for pets and livestock.  

CLICK the paypal link below to order your ruffage!


Produce Co-Op for People & Pets

 the best products for your pets & livestock

Flying ~M~ Feed Co.

13225 FM 529 Road # 107, Houston TX 77041


Mon-Fri 9am-7pm     Sat 9am-3pm    Closed Sun