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Farmgirl sisters: We are restarting our meetings!  Our next meeting will be all about vertical gardening!

Our next meeting will celebrate our return to the Sisterhood and the art of Vertical Gardening!   


Saturday, October 8th @ 3:00 PM

Next Meeting Date:

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We are Sisters

... a sisterhood of farmgirls, over 6,000 strong and growing. We’re country, we’re city, and every texture and stripe in between. It’s not about where we live, but how we live.

We love to share stories, to craft, to garden, and to nurture the next generation of Farmerettes and Young Cultivators.

Posing with our homemade country/boho dreamcatchers that we made at today's Farmgirl Sisterhood meeting! We also talked about raising backyard chickens.

Official Chapter of the Farmgirl Sisterhood